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Fake/Fraud/Phishing calls supposedly from Microsoft...

Recently I have heard from several people that even here in Austria there keep being calls supposedly from Microsoft "About my computer" ...
Ultimately they want to remote connect - I presume to install malware on your pc or some crap ... the last one I couldn'T bear to listen to any longer, because his english (reading off a sheet/screen as far as I can tell) was so bad that it practically hurt my ears .. O.o

Learned something new today: hairpin nat (with iptables on linux)

So I was trying to set up a service that should be accessible from the internet and locally (under the same Domain name and in a different subnet as the internal hosts for security reasons).

[gentoo] Network Bridge device for Qemu kvm

So I needed to set up qemu+kvm on a new server (After the old one died)

"Network is unreachable" error - Gentoo, silly netifrc configuration mistake

So on a new install I was just sitting there and wondering .. what did I do wrong .. why do I keep getting those errors:

Roundcube (Webmail) "loosing" all user settings and contacts

So I had been wondering why my roundcube had lost all the contacts and settings for my users (I changed DB host after  a server outage - see my older post).