If you were looking for something specific you probably got redirected here from an old link to my (now gone) drupal blog. I migrated all the pages & blog entries to this blog, so just use the search here to find what you were looking for.

Tryton setup & config

Because I keep forgetting stuff I need to do (or the order) here a very quick overview:

Dbmail quickly get mailbox counts (including deleted emails) [postgresql]

So while tracking down problems with performance with (webmail - ) clients I found out, that the problem is - at least partly - related to the sheer amount of IMAP folders (dbmail_mailboxes) a user had ( > 3500 !).

Mezzanine with mod_wsgi in virtualenv on apache (on Gentoo)

So .. since this page/blog is running on Mezzanine I thought I'd share what I had to do to get it to work.

Nomy is awesome ;)

A week (and a bit) ago I got the MP3 Collection (Total of 342 mp3 Files)by Nomy from his Shop.

Old posts on here

So I've been (manually) migrating some old posts - ignoring pointless ones like ones ab out updates to my drupal install,..