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HexChat update breaks favourite channels + script to fix it

Ok I've been very lazy blog-wise .. I shall try to better myself .. ;)

Radeon HD 6800 series + open source radeon drivers on linux 3.2.0

After extra frustrations recently I tried out the latest open source radeon driver (combined with latest xorg-server-1.11.3 + linux 3.2.0). It seems to work better than before but then I started an opengl application:

R.I.P. Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie died at 70 :(

Choosing first DSLR

I've been considering getting a DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex camera) for a while. Been looking at several ones and also asked around a bit. This lead to this great list of things to consider (mostly by Jason Weddington, but commented on by others on Google+):
Choosing your first DSLR
Thanks to all who contributed ;)

Neue Dojo - Homepage / New Dojo - Homepage

Unsere neu gestaltete Homepage ist fertig! Viele Infos, Bilder und Videos rund um die Themen Ninja, Ninjutsu, Buddhismus ec.
Über einen Besuch und ein kleines Feedback in unserem Gästebuch würden wir uns sehr freuen :)