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php 5.6 -> php 7.1 upgrade issues .. (internal server error)

Turns out I should read things like the gentoo wiki upgrade guide *first* to avoid issues ..

Apache, mod_wsgi & django rest-framework, RESTEasy

So .. I just spent way too much time figuring out why my django-rest-framework did not work with authentication enabled .. As usual turns out it was simple: the culprit was mod_wsgi and it's default settings:

basic small web application with mod_wsgi and python

So i needed some quick way to verify email newsletter subscriptiosn .. (new european dataprotection laws ..)

Python Dataset Library -- CSV to SQLite ;)

Out of frustration of just needing to handle some (temporary) data properly and save it (csv and json are nice, but i wanted sqlilte in this case to query it easier) I found the dataset library.

Sending Multipart MIME Emails (html + text alternative) using python and twisted

I needed a way to send html + plain text alternative emails (based on templates ultimately) - preferrably using python. and since I always liked twisted i turned to that again.