If you were looking for something specific you probably got redirected here from an old link to my (now gone) drupal blog. I migrated all the pages & blog entries to this blog, so just use the search here to find what you were looking for.

Nomy is awesome ;)

A week (and a bit) ago I got the MP3 Collection (Total of 342 mp3 Files)by Nomy from his Shop.

Old posts on here

So I've been (manually) migrating some old posts - ignoring pointless ones like ones ab out updates to my drupal install,..

Anime Winter 2018 Season

So just because I can a quick list of what I am watching (or will watch):

Yet another new iteration of my private webpage

Finally got around to set up a new CMS/blog - since getting a bit fed up with drupal (and php).

postfix, sasl and some upper case letters...

So I was trying to figure out why i kept getting this error: