Just a Geek/Nerd/Otaku/Trekkie ;)

I've been a Gentoo Developer since December 2002 (fairly shortly after I wrote an article about Gentoo Linux for the German Linux Magazin). I started out being the only person on the 'printing' team (this was before 'herds' were introduced ;)) Since then I've been working on quite a few different things (mostly python related like twisted, imcom, ...). Lately I didn't have too much time so just working on a few things at the moment. The most 'interesting' one for me at the moment is DBMail which I'm using myself.

I'm a big fan of Open Source and have worked on a few projects (some translations for Gnome years ago, bit of patching / testing for twisted, now mainly Gentoo and my own projects).

Apart from that I'm also (attempting to) learning the Japanese language and everything Japan related. Also I watch way too much Anime with my wife - and read quite a few Mangas.I am training in several Martial Arts (more info on that later maybe)