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[Gentoo] Quick and dirty way to fix broken pam on a machine that runs fine otherwise

Due to some unfortunate events I ended up with a broken pam library on a VM I am running. Everything else worked just fine .. except that login of course (so a bit of an issue if you need to do stuff like update letsencrypt certificates quickly cuz you forgot and are on holiday...

[Zyxel] [Network] Saving Configuration is helpful

I just spent a good half hour trying to find out why an uplink to a 2nd location was not working after unplugging the network equipment very briefly due to UPS swapping .. Seems like I had failed to save configuration on my Zyxel GS 1920 backbone switch .. Having Link Aggregation on ports 25-28 when you only need 25,27 because 26 and 28 now go to a different building and server is definitely never going to work ..

[Tryton] Adding a default account(ing) category to product (templates)

To optimize workflow (and avoid mistakes) I wanted to set a default account(ing) category so that tax,.. is set by default. Took a little bit of experimenting, but I got it:

[Tryton] product kit .. extra logic for components when expanded on sale quotation

Since Tryton 6.0 had the awesome product kit module added I saved a lot of time and only had to add some custom logic for my extra fields.

Migrated mezzanine to the new webserver ..

This is more of a test post, but also keep in mind when upgrading python versions to also remove version numbers on some of the requirements.txt stuff ..

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