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Gazette Concert over

The Gazette Concert on Tuesday in Munich was great (although it was raining and the queue was moving very slowly ...). Got to St. Pölten at around 05:00 and home at around 06:00. Had a shower, got changed and went to the trainstation to go to work :D .I'll write some more later prolly :)

Read in the (free) daily newspaper one can get at train and underground stations that there's some sort of Manga Contest where one can win to work for Egmont Anime & Manga. The web address is

egroupware 1.4.002

Finally managed to re-install egroupware (best free groupware i found so far :) - although i'd prefer it to be written in python instead of php but hey it works :D ) on my server (not a technical problem but a time one ;))
just got a few issues with the email app (felamimail) now.. (one solved by Ralf Becker within like half an hour - use 2nd email address as 2nd sender identity :D) the other one being with signatures not saving the default and therefore not choosing the correct signature :(. attaching a pic here as i don't want to email an image to the mailinglist (sorry for the boring pic hehe)