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Xorg + ati drivers problem on my laptop

Still got problems with newest catalyst on my laptop ...
I'll attach the logs here since the great support page doesn't let me paste that much text ...

start X, run program (emacs, gnome,... ) -> crash
(for some reason WoW works through wine wiht some - quite severe- display errors)

gentoo, hal + xorg 7.4 (xinput, wacom, synaptics)

Finally figured out what was wrong with my input devices since the upgrade.
It seems that because of the new hal + xinput auto detect stuff things got messed up. I now got working fdi files for both my stylus and my synaptics touchpad :D
After some looking around i had figured out that i need to have my config stuff in .fdi files for hal instead of in my xorg.conf file which was something i should've read in some changelog .. i should really start reading those :D

so I have my wacom fdi file and i extended the default gentoo xinput one. I've attached both.
This does require that the input devices are *not* in /etc/X11/xorg.conf

The problem is that only the stylus works (neither eraser nor touchscreen do) but I mostly use the stylus so i don't really care at the moment. Besides it seems to be a limitation of the auto detection and/or hal which can't configure one device as multiple things or sth like that.
The only way to get that to work again would be to define all input devices manually and set

Section "ServerFlags"
       Option  "AutoAddDevices" "False"