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Quodlibet .. an even more awesome music player than I had thought :)

So I was getting annoyed with my music player as I was having the "problem" of having my songs in ogg, mp3 and flac usually (i like to rip in those 3 formats for various reasons). But of course with 3 formats  of the same songs in each directory every player that can play all of them will show each song 3 times .. which is very annoying if you just want to play an album .. so I thought about how to do this and first tried to just use the ratings to rate all of the .ogg higher or soo.. works but is super annoying..

Nomy is awesome ;)

A week (and a bit) ago I got the MP3 Collection (Total of 342 mp3 Files)by Nomy from his Shop.

Aninite 2008 over, bought Guitar Hero On Tour (Nintendo DS)

Was at Aninite 2008 this weekend. Was good fun - not the same as Animagic, but that's a completely different 'size' of convention :)
I'll post some photos and/or videos at some point soon (I hope ;))

Also bought Guitar Hero On Tour for the Nintendo DS at the weekend. This game is great fun although I'm nearly finished with career mode :(
One funny thing is the languages. The thing is my DS was set to english not german for some games I got as I prefer them in english. now Guitar Hero On Tour does not have English . .instead it decided to use the next language available for the game ... Spanish .. I didn't understand a lot and decided to put my DS to german and then I knew what I was doing .. I think it'd be nice if the user could specify the order of preferred languages instead of just choosing one ..

Also bought the 'new' Iron Maiden Documentary / Live DVD. Still gotta watch that though so will put some sort of review and/or comment later.

Nightwish Concert over

Wrote a little review of the concert on Last FM here's a link.

For those who don't want to click the link read a copy below:

Went to the Nightwish, Pain Concert yesterday.
Got there just about on time for the support band to start (fortunately as I do quite like Pain too :)
Both the Pain and Nightwish were very good in my opinion.
I also liked the Pyro stuff Nightwish had (Fireworks, quite big explosions,.. ;)) Also the Dark Passion Play Logo at the back with different color lighting was quite cool :)

Both the new songs and the older ones (which I hadn't heard sung by Anette Olzon before).

All in all a good event with both new songs from Dark Passion Play as well as 'older' classics (I Wish I Had An Angel, ..). well worth it's money :) - Also the first time I was in the Gasometer which is quite a nice venue (even though it was quite crowded there yesterday ..)

Gazette Concert over

The Gazette Concert on Tuesday in Munich was great (although it was raining and the queue was moving very slowly ...). Got to St. Pölten at around 05:00 and home at around 06:00. Had a shower, got changed and went to the trainstation to go to work :D .I'll write some more later prolly :)

Read in the (free) daily newspaper one can get at train and underground stations that there's some sort of Manga Contest where one can win to work for Egmont Anime & Manga. The web address is

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