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Snow and ferrets

Last week it snowed here quite a lot which was cool - apart from the roads. There were some problems on some motorways,...

We took the ferrets out 2 times and it was quite funny as they tunnel under the snow :) -- will try to upload some pics/vids later

There's only a little bit of snow left now .. :(

Ferrets microchipping

Finally got the ferrets microchipped (and the Cat last week), so we can get the pet passports. That just leaves Rabies injections (70 GBP per pet!!!)

also finally got around to move some more mails from my old server to my new one to get the 'disabling' of it done soon.

Updated dbmail to 2.2.6 rc1 which finally seems to fix the squirrelmail issues - yay!

CDs, magazines, Waendel Walk, Drupal modules

Gotta put up some reviews later for the latest Metal Hammer and Classic FM Magazine CDs (both magazines had 2 discs included which are mostly great - only 2 or 3 tracks a disc i don't listen to at all ;)

This weekend will be Waendel Walk Weekend. We'll be going Sunday, so I can't go training, but I don't have money at the moment anyway so I guess it's ok.

We decided to take in a stray(as far as we could find out at least) cat which had been coming over for ages already. It's called 'Neko' (japanese for cat - yeah i know not very original but better than 'charlie' or something like the usual names ...)

Getting quite fed up again with living in the UK (got my phases where I don't mind ;))

Will also look into adding some modules (Organic Groups, Organizational Infrastructure, ..) to my site .. maybe - now that I finally got my Jabber Server (Openfire is nice ;)) set up and I'm getting more confident in my dbmail install as it gives me a lot less problems with dbmail-imapd...

Japanese Gamecube, Modoki, Nintendo DS games

Played too much the Japanese Naruto (3) fighting game on our new(from ebay ;)) japanese Gamecube. Got the power lead and extra controllers this monday.
Guessing what menus are is fun - for a while at least lol

Game was from Play Asia which sells asian games and ships them - well everywhere really ;)
unfortunately we got charged 27 pounds for the import at the doorstep (i think they charged too much but still need to find out ..)
got 3 japanese DS games (Bleach fighting game, Shana RPG (lol, don't understand it really haha) and a Naruto fighting game. also got a japanese Naruto 3 game for the GameCube.

I gotta get myself a DS so that after my wife's birtyday we can play together wireless ;)

We also picked up our new Chinchilla on monday. We finally decided on Modoki as a name. He seems to settle in well, but unfortunately it'll take at least a month before we can let him get close to Travis.. :(
Though he seems to talk to Travis - or he is snoring not sure about that lol

Chinchillas, BBQ, Weekend in general ;)

At the weekend we went to look at some Chinchillas at a Chinchilla Rescue place in Rushden. They had loads of Chins there (my guess is 50+). We decided to get one of them as our Chin Travis seems to be lonely after the - sudden - death of Gizmo (R.I.P). We'll pick him up later today - still gotta decide on a name though as the current name from previous owner is a bit strange and we'll have to change it as I keep forgetting.
The Chin. Rescue place also had 3 dogs (2 of them like the size of ponys!!!)

After that we had a BBQ both days - first day I had some trouble getting fire going as I didn't notice i put some 'dust/old ash' in it :( . - Also forgot to use the -fresh(!)- salmon the first day so we had it sunday :)

Quite a good weekend all in all and not too busy ;)

oh and got a parcel with some Gamecube controllers and power supply for our Japanese Gamecube / European Wii ;) gotta test them later (shoudl also get a game for the japanese Gamecube later .. ups is taking a while it seems :)

Edit: also cut my finger with a like 20-30 cm blade bread knife (nearly cut a bit off, but only shallow cut.. ;) )

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