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python virtualenv are awesome ;) [certbot]

So I was having a small issue on a server I cannot easily update where certbot was out of date and gave me this error: "Client with the currently selected authenticator does not support any combination of challenges that will satisfy the CA."
Took me a while due to some dependencies my last updates had skipped certbot and it was still quite old .. Digging around a bit I found out that the error I had might be fixed already. But without a good way to update it I was a bit stuck..
Then I remembered .. who said I had to use the system installed certbot.. so virtualenv to the rescue:

Free & Open DNS servers

So I was setting up yet another (caching) bind DNS .. so to decide which DNS servers to use as forwards ... First thoughts were openDNS and google's public dns..

andOTP 2FA (Two factor authentication) with Discord

So I recently explained to some people how to add 2FA for discord using andOTP.