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Touchscreen and stylus working - yay

Finally got the touchscreen and Stylus to work (duno about eraser part but that's not that important to me ;))
I had to install linux-2.6.27-rc7 for this to work. for some reason this gives me a total of 11 /dev/input/event* devices instead of the total of 5 before but whatever it works.
One other reason why I tried the kernel was cuz I wanted to use both cores of my CPU (2.6.26-gentoo-r7 didn't detect the 2nd core - I checked out the kernel source and it had to do with some bios(?) cpu map ... ) and to have ACPI working as well :)
On a side-note ACPI now works (battery percentage + automatic power off when shutting down)
I had to write patches for the ati-drivers to compile with 2.6.27 (simple ones, which I'll put on gentoo bugzilla and - if i find out where/how - give to ati ... One problem is though that the newest Catalyst 8.9 (8.532) does *not* work on my machine .. it keeps crashing X with some error about atiddxShadow or something .. so I downgraded to 8.8 (8.522) again and modified the patch I wrote to work with that too :) .. Haven't tried any wine games since then but I'm using the same gfx driver ... on the bright side .. Never Winter Nights is cool with a pen :D