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Sushi and Marble Cake pictures

Here as promised some photos:

Waendel Walk, Sushi, Marble Cake

Made some marble cake on saturday ;) It tastes nice (and is nearly gone already), but unfortunately got stuck in the cake shape so it came out broken - I'll add a picture tomorrow ;)

Also Made some sushi (maki rolls with Smoked Salmon and peppers). My rice turned out quite nice this time and I took it on the Waendel Walk with me today as lunch/snack. Ate most of it, but not all as the weather wasn't very good...
The weather on the Waendel Walk started out wet but ok-ish, unfortunately around half way it started raining quite heavily so we were soaked by the end of it (which is the main reason why I didn't eat all my maki rolls and drank all my green tea (kokei cha)).
More details and some pics (of the sushi and cake) will be on tomorrow ;)