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Neue Dojo - Homepage / New Dojo - Homepage

Unsere neu gestaltete Homepage ist fertig! Viele Infos, Bilder und Videos rund um die Themen Ninja, Ninjutsu, Buddhismus ec.
Über einen Besuch und ein kleines Feedback in unserem Gästebuch würden wir uns sehr freuen :)

UK Taikai preparations, PostgreSQL fixes for some drupal modules

Busy day again..

After having to go to a clients site yesterday it was quite busy again.

In my lunch break I went to the library (had some books due back tomorrow which i couldn't renew anymore ;'( ) and fixed some drupal modules for postgresql. list below:

birthdays module had no pgsql code at all so big patch for this to make everything work:

Releasemonitor pgsql SQL install (create table) code had a bug. fixed that too:
BUEditor had some insert problems on pgsql 8.1 (no multiple inserts - apparently the latest and greatest pgsql has that but not many ppl use it yet afaik ...). fixed that ;) :

and of course loads of work anyway ;)

will probably not write anything for the next 2 days because of the taikai.

UK Taikai 2007

Really looking forward to the Genbukan UK Taikai 2007.
It'll be in Southampton and the Grand master will attend too! ;)