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Nokia N900 Maemo 5 PR1.2 update -- conclusion

First of all it worked ok!

I did not have enough free space on '/' (root) to complete it at once so it aborted twice for me ..
If it does that: don't panic .. in the terminal (as root) run dpkg --configure -a (which will finish setup of all the already installed packages -- which will clear up more space again. (running 'sync' is always good as it can give u even more space :D

after that just re-start apt-get dist-upgrade ;) -- rinse and repeat until done :d

one thing that caused me trouble for quite a while: All communications logs,.. not working (ie no Call history, message history, .. -- also new messages are maybe displayed if you click on the notification, but if it's more than one it won'T work properly and you will loose sms/im/.. data
This was caused by me getting a SMS when the upgrad eof the comms app was running -> messed it up .. restoring backup failed again due to the same SMS getting delivered again (the last sms seems to get stuck somewhere in the system -- /var/spool/...)

The solution was simple:
1) Put phone in offline mode
2) restore a backup which you should've done before even starting to attempt an upgrade like this
3) put phone in online mode again
---> works again :D

Nokia N900 Maemo 5 PR1.2 upgrade

just wanted to upgrade only to notice it wants to download like 111MB and of course there ain'T enough space on /var/cache/apt/archives .. (it says that when you run apt-get dist-upgrade as root from the command line)

Warning: no guarantee this works / does not break anything / delete your data,..

!!!I found that putting archives on the sd card is a bad idea since it seems to unmount that in the process -- recovery was possible for me but i don'T suggest it as it can be a bit tricky

!!! Warning: Make sure to have enough discspace on '/' -- i had around 20MB and it was not enough for installing all at once (i had to do dpkg --configure -a ; apt-get dist-upgrade -f afterwards !!!

since i don'T want to use the cable to upgrade and possibly have to re-install stuff and re-copy data I just went and did the following:

# as root on the command line:

cd /var/cache/apt
mv archives archives_
# next 2 lines only if you want to clear out some space on '/'
#rm archives/*.deb
#rm archives/partial/*.deb
# do a sync to get a bit more free space
# in my case i put the archives on my sd card so next is the following (adapt path if you don'T have a sd card ..
cp -r archives_ /opt/archives
mount -o bind /opt/archives archives

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