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WoW Works again (german copy this time but who cares..)

Got WoW to work again yesterday .. all I did was copy it from another pc (my brothers) and ran the German version. Although I prefer the English one I don't really care anymore at this point as I've not used it for too long (considering u pay per month ...)

Comic- und Figurenbörse, WoW being PITA

Yesterday we went to the Comic- und Figurenbörse Wien. The entry was quite cheap (&eur; 3). Quite a few nice comics/mangas/figures/dvds/games. Not much I wanted to afford for the prices there though apart from some cheap mangas and stuff. We stayed for about 1.5 hours and then went to have a snack there at the food place then went back home.

After that re-tried (again) to get WoW to work which hasn't worked on my Linux box (using Cedega and/or wine) since the last (2.3.0 7561) patch. I even tried to install the german version, but that one gave me a stupid error about some divx dll when installing. I'm seriously getting annoyed as I haven't really played in ages but obviously still pay for the subscription. I'm really thinking of cancelling by now as it is just plain annoying .. every time i try to start WoW it keeps moaning about some file being corrupt.. I run the repair tool (which takes like ages to check the files, downloads a few MB and then says finished.) In the end it doesn't help and it still won't work.. darn Blizzard seems to also ignore some bloke with the same problem on their support forums .. Saying about file DBFilesClient\AnimationData.dbc being corrupt just like on the WoW Forum