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postfix, sasl and some upper case letters...

So I was trying to figure out why i kept getting this error:

A little useful addition for ssh login (from putty) to my .bashrc / .bash_profile

A while ago I was getting increasingly annoyed with encoding problems through ssh - especially when using putty from windows to access my box with filenames,.. in de_AT.UTF-8 - so I was constantly setting locale back to 'C' or something similar.
And well since I am lazy I did look for a way to make that happen automatically -- unfortunately I didn't find a -reasonably easy- way to see if I am using putty. But at least you can find out if you are logged in through ssh or not. So here's a little code snippet I added to my .bashrc to save myself from garbled console output:

Server monitoring with monit (dbmail, openfire, postfix, ..)

I just added some more server monitoring using monit to my server so I thought I'd share a bit of the config in case someone else has a use for it.

HexChat update breaks favourite channels + script to fix it

Ok I've been very lazy blog-wise .. I shall try to better myself .. ;)

Radeon HD 6800 series + open source radeon drivers on linux 3.2.0

After extra frustrations recently I tried out the latest open source radeon driver (combined with latest xorg-server-1.11.3 + linux 3.2.0). It seems to work better than before but then I started an opengl application: