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HP Pavillion tx 2550eg & Gentoo

I reported some bugs on gentoo bugzilla. Will still write a page/blog/wiki about the whole thing but if someone is looking for info now .. there it goes:

linux kernel 2.6.27(rc7) smp function changes + patches for ati-drivers
ati-drivers-8.532 - catalyst 8.9 crash
linuxwacom 0.8.1 with usb tablet support

Attached is my xorg.conf - non-cleaned up and in it's complete mess with vesa drivers as well as ati-drivers (for when i messed up ati-drivers hehe)

One thing that helped me a lot was the usb tablet pc support tracker entry on the linuxwacom tracker

P.S.: still working on that screen rotation but that is a minor issue for me since everything else works now :)
Oh and still haven't tested IrDA, bluetooth or the card readers yet .. not v important to me i guess ;)