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Quodlibet .. an even more awesome music player than I had thought :)

So I was getting annoyed with my music player as I was having the "problem" of having my songs in ogg, mp3 and flac usually (i like to rip in those 3 formats for various reasons). But of course with 3 formats  of the same songs in each directory every player that can play all of them will show each song 3 times .. which is very annoying if you just want to play an album .. so I thought about how to do this and first tried to just use the ratings to rate all of the .ogg higher or soo.. works but is super annoying..

Free & Open DNS servers

So I was setting up yet another (caching) bind DNS .. so to decide which DNS servers to use as forwards ... First thoughts were openDNS and google's public dns..

andOTP 2FA (Two factor authentication) with Discord

So I recently explained to some people how to add 2FA for discord using andOTP.