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Amecon 2007 over, too much gaming, Ferrets bath ^.^

Amecon 2007 is over now. I'll put some sort of review later and maybe some photos as well(yes i know i promised that for Animagic photos as well but I didn't have time yet).

We went home early yesterday from AmeCon and went to my parents in law where we tried out a 'new' japanese naruto fighting game (which we got from the bring & buy) on our japanese gamecube - good fun, but lots less characters than the newer ones. Unfortunately we mixed up which one we already had and didn't buy volume 2 of the game :(
so we played that for like 1 hour or so... ;)
Then we played Pangaya for 3 hours!!!! (until like 21:30 lol)

Today we gave the ferrets another bath which was 'fun' ... again one of them couldn't resist going to the loo while we washed him :( - but they seem to feel better now too :)

We also played the new japanese Naruto Wii Game at Amecon.