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some PyQt5 ..

So i wanted a (very simple) GUI for my python program .. and i want it to run on Linux but also windows..

Solid Edge Formelemente unterdrücken über Variablentabelle

For non-german speakers: This article is about how to use variables and formulas to suppress features + related ones - if someone is really interested i can translate it to english (but i'd need new screenshots i guess too so ..)

Windows Active Directory GPO hinzufügen und zuweisen

Vorraussetzungen / Requirements:

A little useful addition for ssh login (from putty) to my .bashrc / .bash_profile

A while ago I was getting increasingly annoyed with encoding problems through ssh - especially when using putty from windows to access my box with filenames,.. in de_AT.UTF-8 - so I was constantly setting locale back to 'C' or something similar.
And well since I am lazy I did look for a way to make that happen automatically -- unfortunately I didn't find a -reasonably easy- way to see if I am using putty. But at least you can find out if you are logged in through ssh or not. So here's a little code snippet I added to my .bashrc to save myself from garbled console output: