Back form Animagic 2007, now in Glasgow for work ;)


In Glasgow for work today. will update this later/tomorrow. ;)

watch this space for updates hehe
[Update] I will write more - promise ;)
Took a bit longer than I thought ... anyway a bit of new content now :D (below this line if you go to the full view :))

Animagic 2007 was great fun (even though we noticed nearly at the airport that we had forgotten our confirmation cards for the Convention at home and had to ask my parents in law to send them using DHL... cost us GBP 65 - in the end we got in before we got the cards but they arrived later friday anyway which i guess is good, although it was expensive...)
The opening ceremony was great fun, though at the end we got Miyavi playing ... that was like the low of the whole convention for me as I personally don't like him and his music even a little bit ;)
As usual some items at the auction sold for up to around EUR 300 LOL
Spent some money in the dealer room but not too much this time comparably I guess. Though spent quite a bit in the Bring&Buy (also sold stuff for EUR 80 yay!)
On Saturday the Plastik Tree Concert was quite good (not my favorite, but quite good so we bought their latest CD - the japanese import LOL) unfortunately the J-Rock / J-Pop discothek wasn't very good so we didn't stay much longer after the concert (maybe it got better later, but it didn't start very good ..)
The show acts were good as usual and the Cosplay was good fun (compared to this what you get at uk convention Cosplay events it is like 200 times better :) ) unfortunately I had to miss a large part of the Group Cosplay as I had to pick up the Bring&Buy stuff.
One of the best things for me was the Final Fan-tasy Real Movie (there are trailers and episodes with english subs on the webpage as well)
I was a bit tired when I got back on Monday at around 20:00 or so, and we still had to pick up the pets as I had to leave at 05:00 the next morning to go to the airport to catch a flight to Glasgow for work..

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