django-stdimage new util class UploadToClassNameDirPKUUID


When playing with the thought of adding images to my books DB i thought: I need random names, and would like to scale them ..

So I looked a bit and found django-stdimage. I was pretty happy with what it could do, but the uuid4 names themselves seemed a bit .. not what I wanted .. So I came up with adding the objects pk into the filename as well.

There were some nice ways already to generate filenames, but none exactly what I wanted.

Here is my own class UploadToClassNameDirPKUUID:

class UploadToClassNameDirPKUUID(UploadToClassNameDir):
    def __call__(self, instance, filename):
        # slightly modified from the UploadToUUId class from stdimage.utils
                'name': '{}-{}'.format(, uuid4().hex),
            # no pk found so just get uuid4.hex
                'name': uuid4().hex
        return super().__call__(instance, filename)

Basically the same as UploadToClassNameDirUUID, but with added in the front of the filename - this is purely convenience for me so I have the 2 pictures for my book (front&back) identifiable in the directory without looking both up in my DB. One could maybe argue it would "expose" the pk, but first in this case I do not really care as the app is not public and 2nd: anyone who can access my django-admin (which is what I use for data entry,..) would see the pk anyway so whatever ;)

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