nextcloud issue with theme/ unable to process request


Update: Still having the issue after some time after all :(

So I have a a (private) nextcloud instance and I kept having errors like "unable to process request,." "Connection to server lost" and it would stop loading at an empty page..

In the logs I had loads of messages like this:

Error PHP mime_content_type(): Failed identify data 0:indirect recursion nesting (0) exceeded at /..../apps/theming/lib/IconBuilder.php#138 2019-03-14T08:08:27+0100
Debug no app in context No cache entry found for /appdata_occ9eea91961/theming/5/favIcon-settings (storage: local::/.../owncloud_data/, internalPath: appdata_occ9eea91961/theming/5/favIcon-settings) 2019-03-14T08:08:27+0100

The first thing I found was reparing the file cache so I ran this:

 php occ maintenance:mimetype:update-db --repair-filecache

That did add about 56 mime types .. ok sounds good .. let's try again .. nope same error (that error btw pops up wherever - in my case also the app update page for example.

so next I check permissions and give my webserver user permissions on both the nextcloud install directory and also the data directory recursively - just to be on the safe side. (chmod -R apache:apache <path>).

Nope still nothing .. getting frustrated here.. - also an update to the latest php 7.1 release (and shared-mime-info package) did nothing either..

Checking for the file it cannot find a cache entry just leads to the discovery, that this file does not exist..

the next thing that i thought of was I could check out themeing so I went to (https://<my-install-webroot>/settings/admin/theming). There I just changed my "Web link" to the actual nextcloud install url (and while i was there also changed the color, name and slogan for fun). after saving this and going back to the app update page it now worked .. so i have no clue what happened .. maybe it was trying to get the favicon from the page (which is the default "Web link" it seems).

But now it works .. still got those log messages, but they seem to have somehow led me to resolve my issue...

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