Nightwish Concert over


Wrote a little review of the concert on Last FM here's a link.

For those who don't want to click the link read a copy below:

Went to the Nightwish, Pain Concert yesterday.
Got there just about on time for the support band to start (fortunately as I do quite like Pain too :)
Both the Pain and Nightwish were very good in my opinion.
I also liked the Pyro stuff Nightwish had (Fireworks, quite big explosions,.. ;)) Also the Dark Passion Play Logo at the back with different color lighting was quite cool :)

Both the new songs and the older ones (which I hadn't heard sung by Anette Olzon before).

All in all a good event with both new songs from Dark Passion Play as well as 'older' classics (I Wish I Had An Angel, ..). well worth it's money :) - Also the first time I was in the Gasometer which is quite a nice venue (even though it was quite crowded there yesterday ..)

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