Postgresql connections refused because of too many connections


So I recently had a problem, where postgresql would run out of max concurrent connections .. and I wasn'T sure what caused it.

So to find out what the problem was I wanted to know what connections were open. After a short search I found the pg_stat_activity table.

of course most info in there is not needed for my case (it has database id, name, pid, usename, application_name, client_addr, state, ...)

but for me this was all I needed:

postgres=# select count(*), datname,state,pid from pg_stat_activity group by datname, state, pid order by datname;
 count |  datname   |        state        |  pid
     1 | dbmail     | idle                | 30092
     1 | dbmail     | idle                | 30095

or shorter just the connections by state and db

postgres=# select count(*), datname,state from pg_stat_activity group by datname, state order by datname;
 count | datname  |        state
    15 | dbmail   | idle

of course one could go into more detail, but this made me realize that i could limit some processes that used a lot of connections, but are not heavy load. Really simple once you know where to look - as usual :)

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