Quodlibet .. an even more awesome music player than I had thought :)


So I was getting annoyed with my music player as I was having the "problem" of having my songs in ogg, mp3 and flac usually (i like to rip in those 3 formats for various reasons). But of course with 3 formats  of the same songs in each directory every player that can play all of them will show each song 3 times .. which is very annoying if you just want to play an album .. so I thought about how to do this and first tried to just use the ratings to rate all of the .ogg higher or soo.. works but is super annoying..

Then I just read up on something and found out that quodlibet is more awesome than I thought .. i was under the impression it could only do searches based on regex instead of just plain old searches .. but it can do so much more! reading up on it I found out that you can even use searches or regex to filter on individual tags (including internal tags like filename and format !!). so all I need to do is filter to only show one format (in this case probably mp3 most of the time since some older rips are not yet done in all 3 formats).

Quod Libet Screenshot (description below)

In the screenshots you can see 2 things:

  1. my search / filter for filename ending in flac and artist containing Five Finger
  2. my preferences with my own little custom column that shows me the format - which i plan to use instead of filename based (since I just now figured out that format is there too) - which is why i wanted to show it so i know what to match

It occurs to me that it should be possible with either one of the existing plugins or by writing a new one to filter songs so that each song is only there once no matter which file types are available .. something like check if a song is available as flac, ogg, mp3 and choose the first one that is found. - that way all 3 types would be shown if there is only an ogg or mp3 for one.. will probalby look into that since the whole thiing is python :D

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