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Still we haven't heard anything about our fence being repaired finally .. (it is in quite a bad condition now - which it wasn't when we first reported it months ago [apparently the weather wasn't good enough - well fine .. ])

The contractor was first here last saturday (12th) and said that he'd have to replace the fence completely (last week ...) - fair enough it was raining most of the week - but someone could have said something about what the plan is..

Today finally got some 'news'... apparently he didn't come because the garden was overgrown or something like that (which apart from some palm trees / bushes / .. that belong to the house owner i disagree about - problem is .. how far am i 'allowed' to cut those things back without getting moaned about later ...). In any case - and that is not the landlady's fault .. - why did the contractor not bother telling me that he needed some bushes cut back? i mean .. I don't think i look that 'scary' that he'd have to be afraid ... and it's not like i wouldn't have done this to get the fence sorted .. but well what can you do .. i really hope we can stop renting soon and buy / build somewhere (though that is a cash problem :(( )

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