UK Taikai preparations, PostgreSQL fixes for some drupal modules

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Busy day again..

After having to go to a clients site yesterday it was quite busy again.

In my lunch break I went to the library (had some books due back tomorrow which i couldn't renew anymore ;'( ) and fixed some drupal modules for postgresql. list below:

birthdays module had no pgsql code at all so big patch for this to make everything work:

Releasemonitor pgsql SQL install (create table) code had a bug. fixed that too:
BUEditor had some insert problems on pgsql 8.1 (no multiple inserts - apparently the latest and greatest pgsql has that but not many ppl use it yet afaik ...). fixed that ;) :

and of course loads of work anyway ;)

will probably not write anything for the next 2 days because of the taikai.

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