andOTP 2FA (Two factor authentication) with Discord

So I recently explained to some people how to add 2FA for discord using andOTP.

Discord support explains it here.

So I took some screenshots for the andOTP part (mostly) -- the discord ones are in german, but should be simple enough to understand anyway. (the photos are from a phone with a broken screen .. sorry for that but screenshots are blocked)

This is discord prompt giving you the auth code you need to enter in the OTP app:

First off install andOTP from either f-droid or google play.

At first start you are greeted with the setup:

Pick how you want your data encrypted (both have advantages and disadvantages. I picked the android keystore)

Set an authentication lock for the app itself (you will be asked this when you start the app)

So setup complete:

next you will see the (currently empty) app screen:

Now depending on your device (as I noticed on my old phone) you get either 2 or 3 options when you click the Add/Plus button [Left is the newer device]:

Scan QR code is really easy but works only if you have discord (or whatever else) on one app .. so to pick the more generic option to enter details:

I am not sure if the Issuer matters, but I guess it makes sorting easier (I just entered "Discord" there .. if you scan the QR code it automatically fills it in like that .. and the Label from the QR code is "Discord:<email address from discord login>").

After that it returns to the main screen and you get your code (or codes if you add more, like google account,..). The yellow bar at the top shows the remaining time left for this number before it changes.

So then enter the code back in discord (copy paste with the icon from andOTP and swap to discord did automatically paste it for me ..). Someone told me that they had problems with the automatic copy paste.. in that case do not copy from andOTP but just enter the number manually in Discord :)

Hope this helps people ;)

Current rating: 5

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