Apache, mod_wsgi & django rest-framework, RESTEasy

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So .. I just spent way too much time figuring out why my django-rest-framework did not work with authentication enabled .. As usual turns out it was simple: the culprit was mod_wsgi and it's default settings:

All I had to do was set this option in my apache config:

WSGIPassAuthorization On

before that I kept getting this error: {"detail":"Authentication credentials were not provided."}

Who would've thought that was Off by default .. also it seems to be a good idea to pass --basic with --user <user>:<pwd> with curl to make sure it uses basic auth.

On the plus side I did also look into Token based auth for the django rest framework which I find to be more useful than basic auth when using from RESTEasy

One thing about RESTEasy & Token based auth is that one needs to set the header manually (the instad of providing auth=('user','pwd') to resteasy.RESTEasy(...)

so it goes something like this:

from resteasy import RESTEasy, json

api = RESTEASY(base_url=<baseurl>, encoder=json.dumps, decoder=json.loads, <other options as needed>)
api.session.headers['Authorization'] = 'Token <token>'

data = api.route('bla/')

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