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python virtualenv are awesome ;) [certbot]

So I was having a small issue on a server I cannot easily update where certbot was out of date and gave me this error: "Client with the currently selected authenticator does not support any combination of challenges that will satisfy the CA."
Took me a while due to some dependencies my last updates had skipped certbot and it was still quite old .. Digging around a bit I found out that the error I had might be fixed already. But without a good way to update it I was a bit stuck..
Then I remembered .. who said I had to use the system installed certbot.. so virtualenv to the rescue:

very basic syslog-ng filtering + logrotate

Just something simple today: syslog-ng filtering to different files.

nftables routing .. working now ;)

So I was thinking of replacing my iptables stuff with nftables .. so what better chance to use than a new server in a seperate network segment - hardware wise, and a different subnet.

Python network "scanner"

So i wanted to know what hosts in my network are up and what are their mac addresses.

Quodlibet .. an even more awesome music player than I had thought :)

So I was getting annoyed with my music player as I was having the "problem" of having my songs in ogg, mp3 and flac usually (i like to rip in those 3 formats for various reasons). But of course with 3 formats  of the same songs in each directory every player that can play all of them will show each song 3 times .. which is very annoying if you just want to play an album .. so I thought about how to do this and first tried to just use the ratings to rate all of the .ogg higher or soo.. works but is super annoying..

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