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Got a HP Pavilion tx2550 toucscreen / tablet laptop ;)

Got a new laptop ;) a HP Pavilion tx2550eg touchscreen laptop / tablet pc.

Progress so far:
ACPI does not work
ati-drivers (closed source) working with xorg-server <=1.5.0 only (1.5.0 is xorg 7.4 which is not supported yet) currently running xorg-server 1.4.2
sound is intel hda which only works so far with model=acer (auto does give mixer, but no sound) unfortunately it does not disable speakers when plugging in a headset (chipset is ALC268)
onboard lan RealTek 8169 (module r8169) working.
WLAN Broadcom 432b chip supposedly detected by broadcom non-OSS driver, but doesn't let me set ESSID and doesn't seem to work ...
touchscreen/pen problems currently prolly cuz wacom driver does not support those devices USB according to page. will investigate.
fingerprint reader *should* work, but didn't try yet
webcam detected and driver loaded .. will test that today.
bluetooth and IRDA still to try
haven't tested the card readers yet but should be able to do that soon too...

HP Pavillion tx 2550eg & Gentoo

I reported some bugs on gentoo bugzilla. Will still write a page/blog/wiki about the whole thing but if someone is looking for info now .. there it goes:

linux kernel 2.6.27(rc7) smp function changes + patches for ati-drivers
ati-drivers-8.532 - catalyst 8.9 crash
linuxwacom 0.8.1 with usb tablet support

Attached is my xorg.conf - non-cleaned up and in it's complete mess with vesa drivers as well as ati-drivers (for when i messed up ati-drivers hehe)

One thing that helped me a lot was the usb tablet pc support tracker entry on the linuxwacom tracker

P.S.: still working on that screen rotation but that is a minor issue for me since everything else works now :)
Oh and still haven't tested IrDA, bluetooth or the card readers yet .. not v important to me i guess ;)

egroupware 1.4.002

Finally managed to re-install egroupware (best free groupware i found so far :) - although i'd prefer it to be written in python instead of php but hey it works :D ) on my server (not a technical problem but a time one ;))
just got a few issues with the email app (felamimail) now.. (one solved by Ralf Becker within like half an hour - use 2nd email address as 2nd sender identity :D) the other one being with signatures not saving the default and therefore not choosing the correct signature :(. attaching a pic here as i don't want to email an image to the mailinglist (sorry for the boring pic hehe)

Metallica Concert, dbmail-2.2.6rc1 upgrade

Few things happened lately, that i'll blog about (for now just a summary though).

The metallica concert I went to a while ago was great! I'll write more about it later when I get some 'free' time (lol)

We *still* don't have a fence (despite having panels now and having had several appointments..)

Looking forward to the Dir en Grey Concert 2nd August and Animagic 2007 next weekend - yay!

CDs, magazines, Waendel Walk, Drupal modules

Gotta put up some reviews later for the latest Metal Hammer and Classic FM Magazine CDs (both magazines had 2 discs included which are mostly great - only 2 or 3 tracks a disc i don't listen to at all ;)

This weekend will be Waendel Walk Weekend. We'll be going Sunday, so I can't go training, but I don't have money at the moment anyway so I guess it's ok.

We decided to take in a stray(as far as we could find out at least) cat which had been coming over for ages already. It's called 'Neko' (japanese for cat - yeah i know not very original but better than 'charlie' or something like the usual names ...)

Getting quite fed up again with living in the UK (got my phases where I don't mind ;))

Will also look into adding some modules (Organic Groups, Organizational Infrastructure, ..) to my site .. maybe - now that I finally got my Jabber Server (Openfire is nice ;)) set up and I'm getting more confident in my dbmail install as it gives me a lot less problems with dbmail-imapd...

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