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Trek Dinner / Meet and Greet Vienna

Going to the Star Trek Meet & Greet today to vienna. It's organized by the Galactic Friendship.
This year's list of (famous) guests is below.
A PDF Flyer(German) can be dowloaded here.

Heute gehen wir zum Star Trek Meet & Greet in Wien. Es wird vom Galactic Friendship organisiert..
Eine diesjährige Gästeliste ist unten.< br />
Ein PDF Flyer kann hier heruntergeladen werden.

Touchscreen and stylus working - yay

Finally got the touchscreen and Stylus to work (duno about eraser part but that's not that important to me ;))
I had to install linux-2.6.27-rc7 for this to work. for some reason this gives me a total of 11 /dev/input/event* devices instead of the total of 5 before but whatever it works.
One other reason why I tried the kernel was cuz I wanted to use both cores of my CPU (2.6.26-gentoo-r7 didn't detect the 2nd core - I checked out the kernel source and it had to do with some bios(?) cpu map ... ) and to have ACPI working as well :)
On a side-note ACPI now works (battery percentage + automatic power off when shutting down)
I had to write patches for the ati-drivers to compile with 2.6.27 (simple ones, which I'll put on gentoo bugzilla and - if i find out where/how - give to ati ... One problem is though that the newest Catalyst 8.9 (8.532) does *not* work on my machine .. it keeps crashing X with some error about atiddxShadow or something .. so I downgraded to 8.8 (8.522) again and modified the patch I wrote to work with that too :) .. Haven't tried any wine games since then but I'm using the same gfx driver ... on the bright side .. Never Winter Nights is cool with a pen :D

Got a HP Pavilion tx2550 toucscreen / tablet laptop ;)

Got a new laptop ;) a HP Pavilion tx2550eg touchscreen laptop / tablet pc.

Progress so far:
ACPI does not work
ati-drivers (closed source) working with xorg-server <=1.5.0 only (1.5.0 is xorg 7.4 which is not supported yet) currently running xorg-server 1.4.2
sound is intel hda which only works so far with model=acer (auto does give mixer, but no sound) unfortunately it does not disable speakers when plugging in a headset (chipset is ALC268)
onboard lan RealTek 8169 (module r8169) working.
WLAN Broadcom 432b chip supposedly detected by broadcom non-OSS driver, but doesn't let me set ESSID and doesn't seem to work ...
touchscreen/pen problems currently prolly cuz wacom driver does not support those devices USB according to page. will investigate.
fingerprint reader *should* work, but didn't try yet
webcam detected and driver loaded .. will test that today.
bluetooth and IRDA still to try
haven't tested the card readers yet but should be able to do that soon too...

Aninite 2008 over, bought Guitar Hero On Tour (Nintendo DS)

Was at Aninite 2008 this weekend. Was good fun - not the same as Animagic, but that's a completely different 'size' of convention :)
I'll post some photos and/or videos at some point soon (I hope ;))

Also bought Guitar Hero On Tour for the Nintendo DS at the weekend. This game is great fun although I'm nearly finished with career mode :(
One funny thing is the languages. The thing is my DS was set to english not german for some games I got as I prefer them in english. now Guitar Hero On Tour does not have English . .instead it decided to use the next language available for the game ... Spanish .. I didn't understand a lot and decided to put my DS to german and then I knew what I was doing .. I think it'd be nice if the user could specify the order of preferred languages instead of just choosing one ..

Also bought the 'new' Iron Maiden Documentary / Live DVD. Still gotta watch that though so will put some sort of review and/or comment later.

Again (actually - yeah) sold some stuff on ebay, deciding on furniture,.. for new flat

Actually sold more stuff on ebay yeah :D
Apart from that there's hardly anything interesting to write apart from the fact that we r choosing some furniture,.. for our new flat (which isn't just ready to move in yet ^_^

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