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Just a few more days until Animagic 2007, finally something about the Metallica Concert :)

Getting started sorting out stuff for going to Animagic 2007 since we are leaving (very) early Thursday morning to get a flight to Köln (Cologne) ;)

Gotta also decide what to sell and empty some dvd-rws for the digicam!

will post some photos on here once the convention is over and we are back home :)

Haven't decided if i should (attempt to) cosplay - although it's too late anyway to get anything elaborate done.. but with all the stuff going on at the moment it's prolly better to wait for the convention next year anyway - hopefully there'll be more time then.

Btw It's been exactly a week now since I quit my job ;) got less than a month left now...

About the Metallica Concert on 8th July:
The Wemble Stadium is friggin *huge* and I'll attach some pics later if i get around to copy them from my phone :)
Fortunately it was pretty nice weather so the stadium was open most of the time (though it had a little bit of rain - unfortunately not enough so they'd move these huge 'panels' on the top -- i'd love to see that close hehe
Apart from that the support groups were generally ok:
Mastodon was not bad, but not exactly the sort of music I like.
Machine Head was quite good actually (i'd never listened to them before afaik) and I might buy some cds if they are cheap :) - the best of the 3 support bands imho!
HiM was ... loud instruments, quite vocals (and crappy ones at that when you could make out what he was singing). Frankly I don't think he was playing for the 'right' audience here as there were barely any people interested. (There was even a queue at the mens toilet!!! LOL)

Metallica itself was great actually no songs from 'St. Anger' as expected, but loads of 'classics' like Memory Remains, Nothing else Matters, Ride the Lightening, The Unforgiven, etc ... There even were some fireworks which was really cool (nothing compared to the flamethrower at the rammstein concert but still cool). Funny thing was that the fireworks seem to have broken one of the 4 background screens they had (in total there were 6 screens 1 on each side and 4 just behind/above the stage). Anyway the leftmost screen would after that only show some sort of 'noise' or strange patterns or nothing at all once they decided to put it off :)

Only thing a bit of a pain was that the bus I took back home was late so I didn't get home until nearly 02:00 (even though the concert finished at 22:00..)

One more thing regarding Music:
The new ManoWar album is great (I got myself the special edition with the DVD and the bonus track - unfortunately only watched like a quarter of dvd so far). I listened to the disc like 10-20 times so far lol

Drupal content/blog display issues solved!

Finally managed to solve the problem I had with new blog entries/content not being shown on start page.

It was a permission problem apparently. Bit strange though cuz even when logged in as admin user it didn't show up correctly.

Anyay pressing the 'Rebuild permissions' button fixed everything. yay!

Metallica Concert, dbmail-2.2.6rc1 upgrade

Few things happened lately, that i'll blog about (for now just a summary though).

The metallica concert I went to a while ago was great! I'll write more about it later when I get some 'free' time (lol)

We *still* don't have a fence (despite having panels now and having had several appointments..)

Looking forward to the Dir en Grey Concert 2nd August and Animagic 2007 next weekend - yay!

Ferrets microchipping

Finally got the ferrets microchipped (and the Cat last week), so we can get the pet passports. That just leaves Rabies injections (70 GBP per pet!!!)

also finally got around to move some more mails from my old server to my new one to get the 'disabling' of it done soon.

Updated dbmail to 2.2.6 rc1 which finally seems to fix the squirrelmail issues - yay!

Renting, Landlord/lady's Contractors,... fence

Still we haven't heard anything about our fence being repaired finally .. (it is in quite a bad condition now - which it wasn't when we first reported it months ago [apparently the weather wasn't good enough - well fine .. ])

The contractor was first here last saturday (12th) and said that he'd have to replace the fence completely (last week ...) - fair enough it was raining most of the week - but someone could have said something about what the plan is..

Today finally got some 'news'... apparently he didn't come because the garden was overgrown or something like that (which apart from some palm trees / bushes / .. that belong to the house owner i disagree about - problem is .. how far am i 'allowed' to cut those things back without getting moaned about later ...). In any case - and that is not the landlady's fault .. - why did the contractor not bother telling me that he needed some bushes cut back? i mean .. I don't think i look that 'scary' that he'd have to be afraid ... and it's not like i wouldn't have done this to get the fence sorted .. but well what can you do .. i really hope we can stop renting soon and buy / build somewhere (though that is a cash problem :(( )

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