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Not much news except that i'm selling some stuff on ebay ;)

Not really anything interesting to write here except that i'm selling some anime on ebay(.at) just search for username lordvan1701 ;)

Been really hot lately ... and unfortunately the air conditioning in the office can't cope with it either (even though it's a brand new building .. sucks ..)

HP Pavillion tx 2550eg & Gentoo

I reported some bugs on gentoo bugzilla. Will still write a page/blog/wiki about the whole thing but if someone is looking for info now .. there it goes:

linux kernel 2.6.27(rc7) smp function changes + patches for ati-drivers
ati-drivers-8.532 - catalyst 8.9 crash
linuxwacom 0.8.1 with usb tablet support

Attached is my xorg.conf - non-cleaned up and in it's complete mess with vesa drivers as well as ati-drivers (for when i messed up ati-drivers hehe)

One thing that helped me a lot was the usb tablet pc support tracker entry on the linuxwacom tracker

P.S.: still working on that screen rotation but that is a minor issue for me since everything else works now :)
Oh and still haven't tested IrDA, bluetooth or the card readers yet .. not v important to me i guess ;)

Nightwish Concert over

Wrote a little review of the concert on Last FM here's a link.

For those who don't want to click the link read a copy below:

Went to the Nightwish, Pain Concert yesterday.
Got there just about on time for the support band to start (fortunately as I do quite like Pain too :)
Both the Pain and Nightwish were very good in my opinion.
I also liked the Pyro stuff Nightwish had (Fireworks, quite big explosions,.. ;)) Also the Dark Passion Play Logo at the back with different color lighting was quite cool :)

Both the new songs and the older ones (which I hadn't heard sung by Anette Olzon before).

All in all a good event with both new songs from Dark Passion Play as well as 'older' classics (I Wish I Had An Angel, ..). well worth it's money :) - Also the first time I was in the Gasometer which is quite a nice venue (even though it was quite crowded there yesterday ..)

Busy weekend (Birthday party, Galactic Friendship Meeting, COMIC&FIGUREN-BÖRSE

Had a quite busy weekend and (something to blog I guess).
Friday was a surprise birthday celebration for a good friend's girlfriend in the Culture X Club. We 'only' stayed until 01:00 there though - even though it went on until like 03:00 :)
Saturday had a bit of a lay-in and then went shopping in the afternoon and then to a Galactic Friendship Meeting. After that went to some MeetUp Meeting of English speaking people in Vienna. Personally I enjoyed the Galactic Friendship meeting more, but the MeetUp was ok too ;) .. Again got home at nearly 01:00
Had to get up early on sunday though to go to the Comic&Figuren Börse in Vienna. We did manage to not spend too much and finish up by like 11:00 to get back home :)

Looking forward to the Nightwish concert at the Gasometer in Vienna.
On a side note both the Metal Hammer and the Rock Hard magazines were quite good with Articles about Iron Maiden, Metallica, .. and both with cds this week (although the Rock Hard magazine is like XXL format - meaning A3 unopened - and doesn't really fit into any bags or anything so I gotta read it at home)
I'll try to blog about the Nightwish concert again on Friday.

WoW working again on my 2nd (older pc), GF Meeting and misc stuffs

Finally had time to fix my older PC again and can play WoW on it again so now my wife and me can play at the same time again - also means that I'm finally playing again after what was more-or-less a 3 month (or so) break.
Also took the ferrets out in the garden yesterday for nearly 1 hour ;) that was quite fun. Maybe I'll post some pics later .. they've been really naked afterwards :)

Saturday I went to the Galactic Friendship Meeting which was this years general meeting. Seen a couple of people I've met before like 3-4 years ago when I last went (before I had moved to the UK until last September..). Apart from the fact that I had to be on the underground for like 25 minutes since the meeting was in the south of Vienna I had fun and got to see people again whom I hadn't met for ages ..
Unfortunately I had to leave a bit early, but I needed to be home on time ;)

One thing that sucks is that I won't be able to go to FOSDEM (Brussels, Belgium) this year... (for money and time reasons). Although I will try to go to Froscon (Bonn region, Germany) and/or OpenExpo (switzerland).. but we'll see..
Definitely plan to go to Linuxday in Dornbirn (Austria) again should there be one this year (which is what I assume / home)

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